Partial List of extreme cold weather anomalies since 2014

many of these are sourced on Adapt 2030 or Openheimer Ranch Project - youtube.

2013-14: Coldest and snowiest winters in 200 years in parts of South America between June and August. Some weather stations in northern Argentina and Paraguay saw their first measurable snowfalls this past July in living memory. This July likewise saw the coldest temperature ever on earth in Antarctica, an incredible minus-135.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

December 20 2013: Cairo, Egypt saw its first measurable snowfall in more than 100 years. Its domes and minarets were coated with a rare covering of snow, a picture of winter beauty. Kids of all ages had snowball fights in the streets of Cairo with ice, rather than bullets, much more fun to say the least. Imagine seeing the Pyramids and the Sphinx covered in snow!

Syrian refugee camps in Jordan saw their flimsy shelters collapsed by the heavy snows. The snows in Jerusalem were the heaviest in 60 years, more than three feet deep in places. Hundreds were stranded in vehicles on impassable roads.  [ ]

2014 ALL US states below freezing RARE
* 92% ice cover on the great lakes US
* cold records broken in NZ


* 2014,15 heavy snow in Atlanta and Houston RARE
* 2015 Cappricotta Italy one day snow record* 300 year snow record in Hokkaido, Japan
* 2015 snow fall record broke in Nova Scota
* Hallifax snow 18X higher than normal
* 2015 Boston 270 snow record broke
* Buffalo New York ALLTIME snow record
* Snow in Huntington Beach ca RARE
* 2015 great lake USA ice cover lasting until June, months longer than normal
* 2015 Heavy Snows in Syria & Libya + many other ME countries, very RARE especially so widespread

* 2015 Summer Snow in Elcalafate Chili on December 26 ( Dec. is middle of summer in South America.
* Snow last 2 years in Vietnam RARE
* Snow in July in Hawaii at 10,000 feet RARE
* Snow in August in Calgary Canada RARE
* Snow in August in SOUTHERN China RARE
* 2015 August Snow is Montana, and Wyoming
* 2015 August cold records for Billings MT, Denver CO, Mitchell SD, Watertown SD, Shrevepost LA, Monroe LA, Texarkana AR, El Dorado AR, Tyler TX, Longview TX + many others, Broke.

* 2016 January-February snow for the first time in central Vietnam, heavy snow all over vietnam unbeleivable picts:     Okinawa-first snow ever.  Hiroshima-55 inches of snow, Hong Kong records 3rd coldest day on record. Vietnam had 1 foot of snow 300km south of hanoi.  Snow in ElSalvador, Honduras.  Peru gets snow in the summer.
* 2016 March: cold records broke all over US and more snow in tropics, NY and Boston have coldest March in 100 years.  .. Heavy snow again in central mexico. New York's Whiteface Mountains reached an insanely cold minus-78.88C ; Taiwan and Kuwait receive first snow on record.
* CROP FAILURE wheat crop fail from intense late colds:
* 2016 Pakistans meteorological dept. issues a report predicting global cooling as a result of solar activity.  Pakistan is 2nd government so far to issue global cooling warning after Russia did earlier.

* 2016 March 22 wheat crop damage in US due to freeze.

* 2016 Russian wheat crop damaged by ice.

* 2016 April snow in PA,USA in april, media refers to phenomenon as 'snow-showers'.  The forcast is then upgraded to 3-12" of snow blanketing PA & MW, and NE region.  NY and other states record their coldest April day on record.  Heavy snow in Colorado-between 15"-32" snow in April.  Snow records for April broken in CO & WY.

* 2016 April 1st snow reported in the Carribian. Guadelupe snow in April described by Dominica News as "extrodinary weather phenomenon"

* 2016 April, less than 5% of wheat and oat crop planted as of mid-April; cold and wind preventing fieldwork

* May 16, 2016: 4to7 inches of snow in Maine-record breaking snow for May, New England record spring snowfall 6+ inches, Vermont, PA, Michigan, Ohio 3+ inches, Tennessee US Highways closed because of Ice + snow.  This is the first time there has been snow in Maine this late, last time was 1972 but that was may 2nd.. this is past middle of may.  Vermont snow record for may broke by 15X.. Ohio snow during this years marathon.. Michigan cities all get snowed,not since may 13, 1912 have they had snow and that was .01 inch.. this time it's 3 inches.. Strange 'snowpellets' in PA, odd type of snow,hail combination not before seen.. Wisconsin cold and snow record broken, 5" Snow in Montana and WY, Waterloo and Dubuque Iowa record cold, Dallas FtWorth record cold.

May 19 2016: Blizzard hits Xinjiang and Gansu China just a few weeks prior to summer, 7+ inches of snow.  Snow in Hubei near Beijing, in all 5 provinves blanketed with snow in May  CCTV reports phenomenon as RARE.  China media declares that this winter was the coldest in 60-80 years.  8 Area's in NSW Australia break May cold records.

May 2016: Crop losses due to late cold weather. Northern Hemisphere Crop losses covering Europe, North American and Asia are staggering.  May cold & frost damageing barry crops. In several European countries – such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen. 80% of Cherries, 60% of Apricots, 6% of Wheat, 13% of Austrian wine production. Nother America sits in the 50% losses for fruit. Australian wheat is down. May cold and frost also damages crops in Turkey and Tajikistan.  Ukrain suffers 100% losses apricots

June 2016: Snow in Hawaii again, record June snow in Barrow Alaska, Vostok Antartica sets cold record less than -80*C; June snow in Mexico very RARE, June frost all over upstate New York, June 10 Heavy snow in Novodvinsk(RARE) and Tiksi Russia, June snow in Ukrain RARE.

June 9 2016:  Cold and snow in tropical Brazil with 38 cities accross the country below 0*C  Some area's as cold as -5.3*C.  Many cold records broken.

July 8 2016: Snow in NW USA, accuweather service describes the cold weather phenomenon as 'summer taking a hiatus as storm system brings fall-like weather'.

August 14 2016:  

Surface Frost Strikes Germany As Mid August Temperatures Shatter Old Records!
By P Gosselin on 12. August 2016
A blast of polar air swept across central Europe from Wednesday through Thursday, sending temperatures tumbling to record low levels for mid August in parts of Germany.

Camping im Schnee!
Photo: (for illustration only)

Yesterday many locations saw new all-time mid August records set for the lowest “high” recorded, with many places failing to reach 15°C. Meteorologists called the cold for this time of year “unusual”.

Frost at the peak of summer!

German meteorologist Domink Jung wrote here yesterday that a number of German stations recorded surface frost, “and that in the middle of peak summer” and that “it was colder than Christmas day 2015”.

What follows are some early morning recordings measured at 2 meters above ground surface:

Bad Berleburg: 0°C
Carlsfeld: +1°C
Nürnberg: +2°C

Early morning readings a some locations at 5 cm above the ground surface:

Carlsfeld: -1°C Braunlange: 0°C Neuhaus am Rennweg: 0°C

Feuchtwangen: +1°C

Mid August has never seen such cold

Also Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann at his site writes of “new records: At these locations in mid August it has never been as cold as it is today!”

He adds:

The current air mass, where it could not be colder for this time of year, not only brought temperatures like those seen on Christmas day 2015 or
record low temperatures – but also today at a number of locations in northwest Germany the previously standing record lowest highs were broken. That means: The highest temperature for a mid August (what meteorologists call the second decade of the month from 11 to 20 August – a ‘decade’ meaning a 10-day period) had never been as low as they are today – since recording began.”

Frozen Hamburg!

For example, yesterday Hamburg saw a high of only 14°C, which was the lowest high since temperature recording began in 1891!

German national daily Die Welt here reports on “record cold for August” accompanied by “frost in central Germany“.

Not only this August has seen unusual cold, but so did last month – as we reported earlier here.

11/8/16: Netherland's reaches 0*C in middle August very RARE.  Cold records broke inseveral Dutch area's.  Norway setting record cold for August by 2*C.

August 25 2016: Snow in August in Colorado Springs, CO.  Mongolia instructs farmers to harvest early because winter arriving early.  Yakutia Russia gets 18cm snow in August, usually doesn't snow until first week of october.

October 3, 2016:  record breaking snow in saskatchewan persist through middle of October.

October 8 2016: 4X record snow in Ft. Johns CanadaOctober 4 2016: Most snow days ever recorded in Western Australia and coldest winter since 1992.October 8 2016: 3X record snow in Saskatchewan Canada  [ ]

October 12 2016: Coldest September in 50 years in Brazil. Coldest Brazil September on record (records begin in 1966). Field mice in Michigan infest homes because acorns froze in the spring.

October 10 2016: 45cm of snow returns to Polands Tatras Mountains. The mountain was still snowed last May 22, late melts and early snows.

October 11, 2016: Choteau, Montana 4X snow record break. Early Snow halts Alberta, Canada harvests to a halt, Canola Harvest ruined by ice. Canada reduces wheat output forcast down by 27%. Saskatchewan crop hail payouts $124 million this year.
October 28, 2016: Record snowfall freezes NE British Columbia grain harvest. [ ]

November 2016:  Massive are covering a quarter of Asia -50* below normal.  Sweeden all time snow record broken.  Rest of Europe blanketed by heavy snow. Tokyo records its first November snowfall since 1875 when the government started collecting records.   steepest drop in global temps on record: [ ]

December 2016: Soporo Japan breaks snow record by 6X.  Summer snow in Chili at 3,300 meters called 'unusual' by Chilian meteorologists. ->Smmer snow in Victoria Australia "Snow has fallen in Victoria's high country as rugged-up Melburnians are left wondering if summer will ever truly arrive." Argentina 50% of Cherry crop lost to frost.  Snow falls in sahara desert for the first time in 37 years, not just on mountain ranges but also on the sandy dunes.  2.5 feet of snow 8000ft altitude in hawaii-rare to have such high volume of snow there.  SIberia is covered with 50-60*C cold, animals are brought indoors to prevent them from dieing, a common practice during the LIA (which eventually led to bubonic plague).  [ ]  Cold records in siberia broken as temps reach -58*C.  extreme cold has now persisted in siberia for weeks.  Record low temperatures have been recorded in cities across South Dakota, Iowa and  Minnesota.

January 2017:  Portland Oregon sets new cold records, broke record set in 1982.  Finland sets new cold records at -41.7*C .  Germany and France experience -15*C .  New Zealand experiences snow in the summer at only 800 meters(2400ft) above sea level.  BoiseIdaho sets snow records, 15' at Boise Airport breaks the record for total ground snowfall any day of the year in any year by 2'.  Canals and Lagoon in Venice, Italy freezes, Black Sea in Bulgaria freezes for the first time in 60 years.  Danube river freezes in Hungary.  Record snowfall in Sierra Nevada.  California sky resorts report triple the average snowfall. Mamouth mountain sets January snow record 20.5 feet.

New Zealand Herald asks "what ever happened to summer?" As snow and cold hits in the middle of (January)summer.

February 2017: Summer Snow in Victoria & NSW Australia. Western Australia cold records broken. Dozens of glaciers growing in New Zealand.  Tottori Japan gets 90cm snow, most in 33 years.  Iceland get February record snow.

March 2017: Blizzard Strella decends on NEUSA on the 15th one week before spring, extreme winter conditions with upto 36 inches of snow.  Flights cancelled all over for several days.

April 2017: Midwinter conditions in Chiba Perfecture Japan -3* Kimitsu, -6* Kimitsu Sakanota, -9 sakura city.  US great lakes 18" snow in April. New England heavy snow in April 18".  Caribou Maine sets record of 116 days in one year with 12" or more of snow depth.  Heaviest snow in 30 years hits Xinjiang China.

April 21: 6 feet of snow in Austria, 2 feet in central Italy, 2 feet in Czech, 3 feet in Bosnia, blizzard in Romania, Turkey 6 inches. Switzerland record cold for 2nd half of April: -12.8*.

May 1 2017: Major Blizzard hits Midwest USA, Heaviest late Spring snowstorm on record; upto 39" snow and record snow in Texas & Kansas. Denver over 1 foot snow cancells 'climate chnage' protests.  Record cold May in Brazil.  Finland records coldest May in 50 years.

June 2017: June snow in Moscow & St Petersburg.  California still has 8 feet of snow in June.  Mammouth skiing to remain open until August in longest ski season in history.  June 22 snow in Tarttarstan Russia(about 200km south of Moscow).  June 26 has record colds (highs) of 40*F in South Dakota, 39*F in North Dakota, and 47* in Iowa; The entire region has highs of low 50's.  Adelade Australia-coldest start to winter since 1943.  (Wildlife admins acess that previous cold winter took heavy toll on wildlife)  

July 2017: Record Breaking cold hits Australia entire SE [ ] coldest in 110 years. Greenland records coldest July temperature ever at -33*C.  Record Colds in Brazil @-8.8*C,-1.3*C,-4.2*C, -5.1*C.  Rare Snow on Table Mountain S.Africa.  Indiana USA: no July days over 90*F-RARE.  Record July SNOW in Finland.  Record cold in Australia -5.6*C.  July snow in WY,USA; Denmark 25* or lower for the entire July Month except july 30th when it reached 26*.

August 2017: Britain has coldest summer in 35 years [ ]

September 2017: Late Spring Snowstorm hits Australia [ ]   Coldest September 16th ever measured in Amsterdam @ 12.9*C.  Chicago coldest 1st half since 1993.  San Antonio record low breaks 1968 record low temp.  Greenland summit -34*C(very low for sept. 13).  20/9/17-Heavy early snow in Canada,Alaska, and Montana surprises locals.  Tour operators surprised by so much snow this early.  Many ski resorts are turning into year round or almost year round operations.  Utah gets record snow & record colds in Alta, Brigham City, City Creek, Eskdale, Salt Lake Triad, Scopio, and Tooele + 10+ other locations.  22/9/17-Lake Tahoe gets early very deep snow.  23/9/17-Snow in other parts of California on last day of summer.  Norway early snow.

October 2017: Artic sea ice for September sets new record [ ]  Bali volcanoe's poised to reupt-mainstream media 'admits' the Indonesian eruptions will create 'some' cooling.

November 2017: Nov 6 cold records broken in BC,Canada.  Record low set all over New York state week Nov 11.  Nov. 7 Record breaking snowfall and record low maximum temperatures in British Columbia.  November 8 snow storm in New Zealand a week before summer.  Cold records Broke.

December 2017: Rare snow in South Texas and Mexico again.  Summer Snow in Tasmania. { }-> Dec 13 All 50 US states under snow and other snow anamolies and records, places like Louisiana,Missisipi, & Mexico again all get heavy snow with southern Texas getting 7 inches. Another cold blob decends on USA lowering temps to as low as -60*F, freezing the great lakes and parts of Niagra Falls. PA,USA breaks previous snow record recorded in 1956 by 3X, upto 60 inches of snow. Mt Esa QLD coldest ever December temperature 12*C.

January 2018: 92% of USA below freezing with intense cold all the way south to texas and florida as another super blizzard 'bomb cyclone' decends on the NE to SE. So many record lows all over the N. American continent cannot list them here.  Snow all over Texas and Florida, Tallahassee snow for first time in 28 years.  Sahara desert blaketed by snow again; In some area's as much as 3 feet of snow.  Boston coldest in 100 years + 13 days of -32*F and lower. Jan 8-entire buzzards bay in MA,USA frozen, beach houses overlook miles of frozen ocean.  Jan 8 13,000 tourests trapped in Alps as heaviest snow in 30 years, ski resorts & roads leading to them buried in snow, no skiing because too much snow.

February&March 2018:  bizy last few months, but basically continued bitter colds weel below zero thruout February and March with blizzards and intense snow throughout Europe & N.America.  Heavy snows continued into the last week of March with Algeria and Greece and some US southern states getting heavy snow in late March.

April 2018: April starts off with 4th 'extreme iceberg season' in a row in the N.Atlantic.  Early April heavy snow in USNE, biggest April snow in NY in 40 years, baseball games snow cancelled as field and spectator area's buried in snow. Heavy snow and blizzards all over europe and even heavy snow in Spain, Morocco, and Algeria in April.  April snowstorm in Saudi Arabia.  April 16 major 'historic' snowstorm hits entire US midwest [ ] April snow records broke: The National Weather Service says the 14.9 inches (37.8 centimeters) at Minneapolis airport from Friday through Sunday set a record for the largest April snowstorm ever there. It's also the snowiest April on record in the Twin Cities. And it's the snowiest start to a calendar year there, with 70.3 inches (178.6 centimeters) since Jan. 1. In South Dakota, Sioux Falls set records for a single day in April at 13.7 inches (34.8 centimeters) Saturday and a record April total of 24.9 inches (63.2 centimeters). Huron and Mitchell set two-day record totals for April of 15.5 (39.4 centimeters) and 16.2 inches (41.1 centimeters) respectively. In Wisconsin, the storm ranks as the all-time second largest snowstorm in Green Bay at 23.5 inches (59.7 centimeters) and a record April total of more than 35 inches (89 centimeters) there. [ ]

May 2018:  May 23rd heavy snow, -2*C prompts 'dismay & disbeleif' in NewFoundland Canada.  Locals say they havn't seen it so bad this late into spring since the early 1970's.

June 2018: Snow again in NewFoundland Canada.  Melbourne Australia coldest june day in 25 years.  Scientific American reports no summer and late snowpack into JULY in Greenland kills birds and causes breeding failures [ ].  This years NovaScota's blueberry crop destroyed by freeze.

July 2018: Snow in Hermanus (Hemel en Arde Valley) South Africa, 1st time in recorded history.

August 2018: Almost Freezing temps in Int.Falls Minnesota 34*F. The rest of the region is cool with temps in 40's & 50s F. Almost froze in middle of summer. First time it's been this cold there since 1911.  August 17 Mt Kuro ski resort in Japan recordes earliest snow ever.  August frost and coldest August 18 in125 locations in Japan.  Aug. 12 Snow in Georgia along the Black Sea coast.  August 21 snow in Saudi Arabia. August Snow in Montana, Alberta, Austria, Germany, Slovenia.

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November 2018: